she is a curse but a sugar coated one

she dreams every night of a fair and free world

care of the world she bears on her shoulder….

….being a woman she dictates life to earth.

stop.!!.and  lo!  she halts all heartbeats…

….creation and destruction is her whim.

Like a youth’s mangled flower she can squeeze your life.

Indifference is her pride, irresistibility her virtue…..

the world breathes, her vicious yet sweet existence.every moment

she hides within you and ME

fear her she can blast you out…..she is a human bomb!!!

she caresses every field with her black veil.

…..poppies grow naturally ….

…but she concocts reality every moment

allow me to warn you of her..

….your torn tossed head would draw no tears from her .

I know her very well, she is my very dear friend.

she did nourish her desires to kill the political monarch.

death dances at the edge of her smiles.

Dare you look shocked ???

….she does no wrong !!

you asked for her

…she is a manifestation of your repressed dreams….

had you spoken for those rights and wrongs..

had you not triumphed silence

..the sunset in you…. caused her dawn

do not gasp she is  your fleeting soul ..the very living you.

she is a must …as unavoidable as gravity.

reach the borders of your sanity ..

free your soul …free your mind..

she ‘ll await you at the doors of hell

…..drink her rage else you will burn.

A painful but glorious death…

…a salvation for myself and for all…she says

take her, feel her chilling clutch …

… she is the precipitate of a political mandate.

her verdict of death must be her love…

….but its all  over now.

her  head lies amidst a pool of blood bess she warned you of danger with her life

..she killed many but saved you.!!!

…she killed me for you !!!



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