Without a Name!

“Hide yourself ! hide your God !

Or you’ll be dead,” those were his words.

The doors spread open, the sticks in their hands shone

A shout and the crowd , I knew all was done

His Hindu blood messed the floor –

“I’ll kill those ‘mullahs’ ” his scared son swore!



The streets are empty, the wind dare not blow,

On the other side the light of the burning slums glow.

Through her shut eyes the wretched mother begs –

“ spare my daughter,” but by then she was already caged.

The child’s naked body lay in peace after her rape.

She had gone to Allah! away from all these human apes.



The elections are done, all the rigging and robbery.

The demons laugh aloud in their own glory.

The blood thirsty sticks and men have now relented,

Only to spill danger again , in times such selected.



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